First off, let me comment on how sexy this band's name is. Malajube. Mmm...

Anyway, this band comes from Montréal, Québec. All their songs are in French, which makes them really hard to sing along with for me. This is their only drawback. Since 2004, they've been staples on Québec radio and for good reason. Malajube is ridiculously catchy and melodic. Instrumentals are solid and vocals are solid-er. The dynamics of their sound are great, and they often incorporate the chorus style that Brad and I are so fond of (listen to the balababbabba parts of Montréal). All them boysies singing at once in French with different tones and harmonies is just so appealing to the ears!
All in all, Malajube is happy, upbeat, pleasant indie rock. Their Myspace says they're "grindcore," but whatever, they're basically a really fun band that are pretty much accessible to all ears.
Malajube is also award-winning. They've picked up three Félix Awards (Canadian): one for "Best Alternative Album," one for "Best Cover Art," and one for "Revelation of the year 2006," all concerning their sophomore album, Trompe L'oeil. Three of their songs are posted below, and you should listen 'cause, come on, they're this year's revelation.

Chyea, they're on tour (in Canada):
Nov. 18
Theatre Granada Sherbrooke, QC
Nov. 22 Trasheteria Peterborough, ON
Nov. 23 Cabash Hamilton, ON
Nov. 24 The Grad Club Kingston, ON
Nov. 25 Lee's Palace Toronto, ON
Dec. 2 House of Blues Vancouver, BC
Dec. 13 Zaphod Beeblebrox Ottawa, ON

mp3 Pate Filo
mp3 Montréal- 40c
mp3 La Monogamie

Malajube's Official site
Malajube's Myspace

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