Peter and the Wolf

So this spooky looking guy is Red Hunter (awesome name, by the way), the frontman of Peter and the Wolf. Red and Dana Falconberry (another awesome name) started Peter in Austin (!) back in 2004. Since they've played shows in graveyards, on islands, and other more conventional venues.
Red makes really neat shirts, too. Check out the Myspace for pictures. The shirts are all individually handmade, too!

Oh, and the music is also very good. Pretty eery with crazy junkyard instrumentals at times, I would be scared shitless to hear them in that graveyard. But even though I would be pissing my pants, I would thoroughly enjoy the music. It seems like I always talk about this, but the harmonies incorporated in each song are very pleasant. Listen to the "aahs" throughout "Safe Travels" to get a feel for what I'm saying. Acoustic guitar is prevalent in Peter and the Wolf, and is kept very light and resonant. It could actually pass for a ukelele. Or maybe Red actually plays the ukelele at times... Hmm...

Peter and the Wolf's lyrics are very story-like. Maybe it's the Texan country influence, but each song seems to have a storyline going along with it. Embrace it, enjoy it, and check them out.

Tour Info (they have a shitload of shows in Cali):
Dec. 6
TBA Tulsa, OK
Dec. 7 The Ground Floor Belleville, MO
Dec. 8 Flowers' House Party Columbia, MO
Dec. 9 TBA Lincoln, NB
Dec. 10 Warehouse 44 Denver, CO
Dec. 11 Radtown USA Salt Lake City, UT
Dec. 13 Hemlock San Francisco, CA
Dec. 14 The Echo LA, CA
Jan. 11 TBA LA, CA
Jan. 12 TBA Santa Cruz, CA
Jan. 13 TBA San Francisco, CA

mp3 Safe Travels
mp3 The Bonsai Tree
mp3 The Highway

Peter and the Wolf's Official site
Peter and the Wolf's Myspace


Anonymous Anonymous said...
He sounds good.


Blogger Dainon said...
He'll be in Salt Lake soon nuff ... a blast of the cold before he heads out to Cali. We welcome him here with open arms, as always.