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Brad was getting on me for not posting on these guys earlier, and for good reason -- TV on the Radio is blowing up! They've been all over MTV and MTV2 for the last couple weeks (they even made it on The Ten Spot, har har).
Based in New York City, TV on the Radio has been around since 2001, blessing the indie scene with their falsetto vocals and avant-garde sound. Seriously, the vocals are trippy. All of the members join in on the songs, singing higher than Michael Jackson, creating this mad chorus of crazy voices. It's perty awesome. Listen to Province -- they all go "ooOOoOoh" with these different tones and inflections... IT'S SO TRIPPY.
As for their instrumentals, tons of different influences are evident. They can seem pretty jazzy in one song, electro in another, doo-wop in one, and just straight indie rock in others. There are loops and synths and guitars and drums and saxes and flutes and more!
But TV on the Radio's standout element will always be their vocals. Many a time five-strong, the interweaving harmonies and verses they sing simultaneously just make me want to la la. ... Yea.
So check-check-check them out, and if you're in Europe, see them live. (I heard they're really really really really good).

Tour Dates (European):
Nov. 15 (today) 8:00 PM Le 4 Sans Bordeaux
Nov. 17 8:00 PM Crossing Border Festival The Hague
Nov. 18 8:00 PM Knust Hamburg
Nov. 19 8:00 PM Manufactur Schorndorf
Nov. 20 8:00 PM Feierwerk Munich

mp3 Province
mp3 Wolf Like Me
mp3 Staring at the Sun

TV on the Radio's Official site
TV on the Radio's Myspace
Anonymous Anonymous said...
they have the album of the year.

David Bowie joins in on backup in Province.