The Walkmen
I have a confession to make. I first heard of The Walkmen on The O.C. Oh yea, that's another confession of mine. I watch The O.C. But to be perfectly fair, if I'd never been an O.C. fan, I would never have heard of The Walkmen and never have been able to share them with those who have been without. Besides, I like the music on The O.C. for the most part -- they've featured Sufjan, too.
Well yes, The Walkmen have been all over primetime TV, but they're still the furthest thing from sellouts. Their music is as unique and true as it was when they first hit the scene in New York City in 2000. The Walkmen pride themselves on being vintage -- they use vintage instruments, record on vintage analog equipment, wear vintage clothing (maybe). The resulting sound is clangy, fuzzy, echo-y, and beautiful. Lead vocals are done by Hamilton Leithauser, a trebly, slightly raspy, sometimes whiny, crooning son of a bitch. I'm convinced he could pull off an indie version of Frank Sinatra if he tried.

Now about that show...
So the Walkmen are on tour...

... tomorrow (only)!

Nov 2 10 PM NYU Skirball Center New York, NY
(If you go to NYU, the show's only $8 -- everyone else, you have to pay $12.)

Maybe they'll show up on the fourth (and probably last because Marissa is dead) season of The O.C.
Maybe the show will feature some other band I don't know about that I can post on.
I feel dirty, I don't want to confess anything else anymore.

mp3 Little House of Savages
mp3 What's In It For Me
mp3 Don't Forget Me

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