Asobi Seksu
Asobi seksu means "playful sex" in colloquial Japanese. The name is pretty fitting. The music is playful, and I guess in some warped and twisted way, one could find it a bit sexy. I guess in a less warped and twisted way, one could find the lead singer, Yuki, sexy too.

Yea, the Japanese chick doesn't make up the whole of Asobi Seksu, although she's the only one providing the vocals. Along with Yuki, there are three other guys that provide a nice simple canvas for Yuki's flamboyance. This is appearance-wise only, though. James Hanna, guitarist extraordinaire, has the capability of stealing the song with his gorgeous sound. Likewise, Mitch Spivak on drums and Haji on bass provide a solid backbone to Asobi's music. The band as a whole is perfect for each other.

Asobi Seksu is Japanese-English, Brooklyn-raised, masterfully crafted, fun, lamenting, pretty, turbulent music. With lack of much else to say, I really really really like them.... so listen... and enjoy...

mp3 Strings
mp3 New Years
mp3 Strawberries

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Soyea Brad will be back really soon; do not fret.

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