[Benjy Ferree]
Benjy Ferree made me realize two things - one, it's funny how some things grow on you, and two, I have no idea how to properly pronounce his last name. Taking the former into mind, whatever it is that kept me from liking Ferree on first listen is long gone now. Benjy Ferree's tunage is the product of lots of encouragement and, of course, life experiences. In his earlier days, aspirations in film and acting first led the young Ferree to Los Angeles where, among other jobs, as a nanny, he was known as "Hairy Poppins." After frustrations with the industry, he moved back to the east coast. While holding a job as a bartender, he was encouraged by friends to focus on the music he was primarily writing for enjoyment, and what do you know? Benjy Ferree, the musician, is born. I want to describe Ferree's music to you; I really do, but the man holds a musical style that's everchanging.. The tracks on his latest album, Leaving the Nest, vary quite a bit from song to song, but for the most part, I can tell you it's on the folkish end of the spectrum. As Domino's first American worldwide signing, Leaving the Nest was rereleased in North America last month, while European release is set for early next year. Benjy Ferree has a string of dates coming soon, including one on the 30th in which he shares the stage with Spoon at Webster Hall in NYC.

From Leaving The Nest (all songs are right click - save as):
Why Bother
In The Countryside

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