Explosions in the Sky

Brad and my "musical trash can," Shadid, gave me the heads up about this band this past week. Thanks, Shadid!
Explosions in the Sky is a foursome from our grand city of Austin, Texas. Their songs are purely instrumental--completely stripped of vocals. It's crazy how much more the dynamics matter in an exclusively instrumental song. It's almost like listening to classical music. A lot more emotional, their music has a hypnotic, introspective feel. Great to listen to if you just wanna chill and think. If any of you are in a band, Explosions in the Sky is what happens when you just get together with your bandmates and embark on this crazy long jam session where everyone just happens to be in sync and you guys are just improvising but everything just fits together and all the sounds move together in some crazy subconscious way and you guys are hitting these extra levels and exploring different rhythms and riffs and it all just works. Ah, yea, it's just like that.

Tour Dates are on their site.
They start in 2007.

mp3 Welcome, Ghosts
mp3 Remember Me As a Time of Day
mp3 A Song For Our Fathers

Explosions in the Sky's Official site
Explosions in the Sky's Myspace


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