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Christened by the late great Elliott Smith, it's only fitting that Goldenboy represents indie folk rock at its finest. Goldenboy's vocals and instrumentals are comparable to Smith's, but with the advantage of another bandmate, Goldenboy can pull off vocal layering and harmonies that Smith could only dream about. When he was alive, that is.

From the Los Angeles suburb, Diamond Bar, Goldenboy released their latest album, Underneath the Radio, exactly two months ago, on October 3rd. The songs are pleasant for the most part, but always with their own dark moments. A song will be happily jostling along with happy background "aahs" and happy acoustic guitar and such, and then, all of a sudden, the song will morph into a minor key with bluesy piano plinks and plunks. Therefore, one word that comes to mind with Goldenboy is "multi-dimensional." Each song has different sides to it -- no flat plane of music with this band.

Goldenboy has a couple shows coming up, all in California, so try and check 'em out if you can.

Tour Info:
Dec. 4
Viper Room Hollywood, CA
Dec. 15
El Cid Los Angeles, CA (21+)
Jan. 6 Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, CA

mp3 Ice Breaker Blues
mp3 Summer of the Evening
mp3 Underneath the Radio

Goldenboy's Official site
Goldenboy's Myspace


Soyea I really do like shutterface. All the pictures are taken by this pretty woman Sterling Andrews, and she does portraits for a lot of bands and takes good live show pictures and such. Really different from my beloved Baxter, but still quite good.
Elliott surely isn't the only Smith hanging out in these songs. I can hear plenty of Goldenboy Morrisey poking around these waters as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh what do you know about layering vocal harmonies.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Seriously, listen to I Didn't Understand.