The Greatest of '06: A Monster Post in Parts-- Part II
... And now, here is the second installation of this year's best albums.

Mates of State- Bring it Back

In 2001, Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel quit their jobs, got married, and decided to embark on a tour of the West Coast playing their love songs for one another. Now, five years later in 2006, the duo is still doing what they sought, releasing their fourth album, Bring it Back, and my #8 album of the year. Mates of State are upbeat and happy. Their songs are mainly composed of the electric organ and the drumset, played by Kori and Jason respectively. For a typical Mates song that will get your toe tapping and your head bobbing, check out "Like U Crazy" (cheesily titled, I know.) For a more solemn, yet still lovey dovey tune, listen to "Nature and the Wreck."
Their male/female vocal harmonies are prominent, quirky, and very fitting to their sound. You can't really call either of them outstanding singers, but their singsongy, talky/yelly voices complement each other perfectly.
Bring it Back is fun, well-crafted, and another win for my favorite couple, Mates of State.

mp3 Like U Crazy
mp3 Nature and the Wreck


Silversun Pickups- Carnavas

Silversun Pickups must be one of my favorite new bands of 2006. I had not even heard of them in 2005 when they formed, but I luckily got on the bandwagon this year. A Los Angeles local band, Silversun Pickups consists of four friends who got their start playing clubs in L.A. A year later, they're opening for both Wolfmother and Snow Patrol and playing David Letterman. Wheeee.
Carnavas is an 11-track wonder. I adore each and every one of the songs and can sing them all by heart, on account of me listening to the album a million times repeatedly. The sound is indie rock at its finest. Brian Aubert leads the pack with soaring vocals that are trebly, raspy, and almost adolescent-like, along with resonant guitar solos and riffs. Pretty much on the dark side, Carnavas is moody, broody, wonderful rock music.

m4a Common Reactor
m4a Melatonin


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