The Greatest of '06: A Monster Post in Parts-- Part IV
We're getting so much closer...

Damien Rice- 9

I was fortunate enough to catch Damien Rice live this summer with Fiona Apple at The Backyard. I was completely blown away by his performance. There were drunk, fat men surrounding me screaming obscenities at the top of their hearty lungs, but Damien was still able to reach out to me. Even though I had never heard the song before in my life, I cried when he played "Elephant" (the part where he goes "'Cause IIIIIIIIIII am lately..."). It was insane. I mean, I don't normally cry when I hear songs, unless I just broke up with someone and I'm listening to Boyz II Men or something. Anyway, that's when I knew that Damien had to be my #4 album of 2006. Not really. But that's when I knew that this new album of his, 9, was going to be playing in my house for months and months. And it's been true. The concert was, what, half a year ago, and I still play the album from "9 Crimes" to "Sleep Don't Weep" for pure pleasure. I'm listening to it right now! The songs are pretty mellowed out folk as usual, but still so fucking catchy. Take "Rootless Tree" for example. The chorus, the whole "Fuck yooou, fuck yooou" line is so infectious. Concerning the album, I might be biased 'cause I actually heard the tracks live before hearing the CD, but the mark of a great artist is an amazing live performance. His show made me cry, his album is on fire from being played over and over in my shitty boombox, and 9 has truly cemented my love for Damien Rice's music.

m4a Elephant
m4a Rootless Tree


Hot Chip- The Warning

Ooh my GOODNESS, Hot Chip is the shit. Their 2006 release The Warning is an album that you can just groove to. I can't keep still listening to it. It's indie rock/electronica/dance/funk/everything imaginable. When I first heard their single, "Over and Over," my first inclination was to do the Carlton dance and the robot while shaking my tush all at the same time. It proved disastrous, but I was alone, so I wasn't embarrassed. Still, even if I was in a room full of people, I'm sure they would all react in the same way. Hot Chip is so universally accessible. I'm not a fan of electronica/funk at all, and I love this band. When Brad and I first started bouncing songs and bands off each other, I would completely reject all his electronica-prone selections. I mean, I think I still do, but Hot Chip just has this crazy ability to manhandle my ears and somehow make me enjoy it. My favorite track off this new record would have to be "Over and Over," but another song I enjoy is "Arrest Yourself." It's another robot, shake your tush wonder. Check out both of these songs and the rest of the album.

mp3 Over and Over
mp3 Arrest Yourself


Soyea Brad and I are going to be taking a break the next couple days. Merry Christmas!