Hot Chip

Upon listening to their latest single, Over and Over, I had difficulty keeping still. Hot Chip has cast a spell over me. A spell that makes me want to dance dance dance everytime its music reaches my ears. I'm not a fan of electro-anything for the most part, so me being a fan of Hot Chip is a big deal. This band has the ability to incorporate dance, electronica, pop, and rock in a way that is absolutely not annoying in any sense. Amazing.

Hot Chip formed in 2000, but didn't really hit the music scene with full force until 2004, with their debut album, Coming On Strong. Since then, they have snagged two UK top 40 singles, been nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize, and got signed to two labels -- EMI in the UK and DFA in the US. Not to mention, they are now known as the "bedroom Neptunes." In other words, they're mixing and producing for a crazy and impressive list of artists. Franz Ferdinand, Architecture in Helsinki, Amy Winehouse, Stephen Malkmus, and Scissor Sisters are just a few off the top of my head. Insanely talented and insanely listen-worthy, Hot Chip is also insanely good live (according to everything I've heard). Check the tour info posted below. They're involved in a lot of festivals this winter in Australia, so yea, you Aussies have my envy.

Tour Info:
Dec. 9
Warehouse Project Manchester, Northwest
Jan. 19 Big Day Out Aukland
Jan. 21 Big Day Out Gold Coast, Western Australia
Jan. 25 Big Day Out Sydney, New South Wales
Jan. 27 Sydney Festival Sydney, New South Wales
Jan. 28 Big Day Out Melbourne, Victoria
Jan. 29 TBA Melbourne, Victoria

mp3 Sexual Healing
mp3 Plastic
mp3 Over and Over (I really like this one.)

Hot Chip's Official site
Hot Chip's Myspace

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Soyea Fun Fun Fun Fest is this weekend in Austin. Yay!

The other side of the mouth totally blew me off when I saw him at his work today.

Soyea I thought that was pretty rude, but Hot Chip is making me feel better.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well hullaballoo - not much fraternization is supposed to go on when you're at work Alina, eduh...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And Fun Fun Fun is only one day and took place while we were in class

Anonymous Lawrence said...
Hot Chip is the bomb diggity.