[Bishop Allen - November & December]
Ah, it's that (and if you're a gal, that other) time of the month again. If you're not familiar with Bishop Allen's plans for this year, it goes like this - Bishop Allen is a band from Brooklyn that took a nice hiatus shortly after the release of their debut hit Charm School in order to write their (currently) label-less album Clementines. As that album strolls about for release, they're going to send out an EP every month for a year - yes, every month. Last time I did one of these posts, it was suggested that I might as well just start using a mad lib to write about Bishop Allen - simply stick in new adjectives and song titles to cover the new month's EP. As tempting as that may have been a few months ago, the release of the final two months calls for a bit more than a mad lib. Ah yes, the last two months. With the release of November and December, the Bishop Allen EP-A-Month Project is finito, and while Alina may be rejoicing that I don't have to write about Bishop Allen again for a while, a few of us are a little less ecstatic about the conclusion of such an enterprise. Or are we sad? As YANP Matt brilliantly pointed out in one of his Bishop Allen over-analyzations, "Bishop Allen have poured so much effort into this EP-a-month project that they’re hardly the same band they were in January." I know better than to argue with that, and the truth is you really can't argue with that. Really, the only way you can look at this ending is that 12 months and about 57 songs later, Bishop Allen is ready to show off their refreshed demeanor and refined style. Yes, true - the delivery of these final months means that the year of EPs is over, but a new year is here kiddos and it has Bishop Allen written all over it. So, congratulations to Bishop Allen for getting through their more than little project, and a happy new year to all of you!

From November (all songs are right click - save as):
Tea for Two

From December:

From September:
Like Castanets

From May:
Butterfly Nets

Pick up the flagship songs for each month at the Bishop Allen site...or you could just buy them all.
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