[The Boy Least Likely To]
The Boy Least Likely To is a duo that calls port in the UK. Officializing themselves in 2002, the group is composed of long-time friends Jof Owen and Pete Hobbs though live sets see them joined on stage by five other members. Whether it be a duo or a septet, The Boy Least Likely To weave together songs that may as well be produced by a grouping of your favorite childhood stuffed animals. It's twee to it's heart, and their songs just make you feel good by transporting you back to your lollipop-licking, cootie-fearing, jungle gym days. And who doesn't miss those days? You had nothing to care about and cuts were healed with kisses. With this crazy place we live in, all Jof and Pete want to do is paint your world with innocence again, and they do so with brushstrokes from banjos, keyboards and the hight notes of a glockenspiel. If you don't smile with their music, then you probably didn't have a childhood; there's just too much love in there for anyone to be immune. Worry not though my youth-deprived friend, just keep listening since one minute of tunage from this group is equivalent to watching 5 Disney films...all at once. The Boy Least Likely To recently announced plans to tour the UK this month, and that, of course, goes highly suggested.

From The Best Party Ever (all songs are right click - save as):
Be Gentle With Me
I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star

Bonus From The Boy Least Likely To:
Faith [George Michael Cover]

Check out their tour dates at the Boy Least Likely To site.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
These guys are not bad. I heard of them a while ago, and was taken in by their website... and its childishness