The last time I talked about Fields was in my Quick List post, and having had only a mere mentionage comprised of two sentences back then, I thought it was ripe time that Fields have an actual post to go on. Fields is a London-based quintet with a slew of collective history - one was a teacher, one cut hair for Bloc Party and Franz for a number of years, and one is the child of the man famed for writing Iceland's national anthem. How this band truly came together is beyond me, but nowadays the five are simply known as Fields. I was all ready to talk about Fields' music until I downloaded more from their disccography. Until yesterday, I was ready to call Fields folk; until yesterday, I was going to call Fields acoustic. Of course, yesterday, everyone's remark of "Fields is hard to pigeonhole into a genre" finally made sense to me. While I can still call Fields folk, it was never really obvious to me how many different influences this group holds in their music. At that, I leave you to discover Fields on your own, just as Fields wants it.

Various Songs From Fields (all songs are right click - save as):
Brittle Sticks
Song for Fields

The group is kind enough to distribute some demos and tracks from their 7" here...

Learn more about them at the Fields site.
Be their friend!


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Oh yes, and they are doing South By...