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Remember this crime-fighting duo? Well, not exactly crime-fighting, but ass-kickery is all the same. With a name that requires no additional introduction, Matt & Kim hail from the place all humbled artists seem to come from nowadays - Brooklyn. Together, they bring down houses with little more than a keyboard and a drum set, and they do indeed bring down houses. I wasn't really sure whether I should believe the pictures of them rocking out in living rooms, but I don't really have any other explanation. The drums are commanding and the keys are lazy, who would file a noise complaint against these guys anyway? Hell, why isn't this happening in my neighborhood? Their music is upbeat and infectious. It's no wonder their smiles spread from the stage to their audience. Don't believe me? Just watch the YouTubage below to check out one of those house parties. Compressed within the close confines of a kitchenette, they manage to transfer their energy to every single person in the room. People jump, people sing - it pretty much gets all Bar/Bat Mitzvahed. So go rejoice in your (wo)manhood, with Matt & Kim...

Various songs from Matt & Kim (all songs are right click - save as):
Yea Yeah
Silver Tiles

Matt & Kim are kickin' some ass and takin' down names in February and South By - site!
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Otherwheres - Only cause I'd hate to embed two YouTube vids in one post - if you're craving more Matt & Kim, check out this video of them workin a park. First commentor's got it right in saying that's what a happy life should be like...

Otherwheres - YANP Matt gives love to some new tunage from a Both Sides favorite, Andrew Bird...

Otherwheres - Lawrence over at Covert Curiousity wants to remind us that South By is coming...


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