The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats is actually John Darnielle, although, live, The Mountain Goats are John Darnielle and Peter Hughes. However, Darnielle's more important and has been The Mountain Goats ever since 1991. Snagging his name from the Screaming Jay Hawkins' song, "Big Yellow Coat," Darnielle began his longspanning musical project in Claremont, CA while attending Pitzer and working as a nurse. Sixteen years later, he now has over a dozen albums under his belt along with collaborations with the great John Vanderslice and The Bright Mountain Choir.

Darnielle's voice reminds me of James Blunt's, especially on "New Monster Avenue." Pretty high and pleasant and melodic, his voice enters the ear just as smoothly as ice cream enters... the esophagus. His newest album, Get Lonely, differs from his past records in this aspect. Rough edges are sanded and wrinkles are smoothed, leaving tracks that are warm and fuzzy and thoroughly enjoyable ("Woke Up New" is a perfect example). The Mountain Goats' songs are sing-along stories and as earworthy as music goes.

mp3 Woke Up New
mp3 If You See Light
mp3 New Monster Avenue

West Coast/Scandinavia Tour

Mar. 1 Neumo's Seattle, WA
Mar. 2 The Triple Door Seattle, WA
Mar. 3 Doug Fir Portland, OR
Mar. 4 Doug Fir Portland, OR
Mar. 7
The Independent San Francisco, CA

Mar. 8 The Independent San Francisco, CA
Mar. 9 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA
Mar. 11 El Rey Los Angeles, CA
Mar. 29 Umea Open Umea, Sweden
Mar. 31 Fritz's Corner @ Debaser Stockholm, Sweden
Apr. 2 Garage Bergen, Norway
Apr. 3 Garage Oslo, Norway
Apr. 4 Woody West @ Pusterviksbaren Gothenburg, Sweden
Apr. 5 Loppen Copenhagen, Denmark
Apr. 7 Debaser Malmoe, Sweden
Apr. 8 VoxHall Aarhus, Denmark

Video for "Woke Up New."
Doesn't he look a little bit like Weird Al?


Soyea it's snowing!

Soyea Pharrell told me not to worry 'bout them haters and keep my nose up in the air.

Soyea Lily Allen made it onto TRL. I saw her in a video clip from a fashion show, too. I think it may have been Chanel. She's blowing up!

Blogger Greg said...
This picture doesn't exactly match the mood I'm in when I listen to the Mountain Goats, but it's still funny.

His new LP is awfully tasty.

Blogger Alina said...
Ha, I love this picture.

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Well since everyone else is givin lovin', I'm not gonna deny liking this picture too...

Anonymous max s. gerber said...
hmm. . . well, thanks alina. i took this picture. nice to know someone likes it. very curious to see that someone else has used it without asking permission or even providing a small bit of credit.

toward that end, this picture was stolen from:


oh, and having seen weird al in person, and knowing john darnielle somewhat well for almost fifteen years, i can conclusively say that they look nothing alike.