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The vast majority of articles and reviews I have read on My Latest Novel are sickeningly florid--

Item 1,which refers to their debut single, "Sister Sneaker Sister Soul":
“Sister Sneaker Sister Soul is six minutes of awesome, wide-eyed folk rock majesty. Starting like a humble Belle and Sebastian, it then trundles through singalong jangly pop territory before turning into the Delgados thrashing it out with My Bloody Valentine and the Arcade Fire in a massive, clattering build of guitars, drums and violins that is, frankly, bloody magic.”
The List – 5 Stars *****

Item 2:
"MY LATEST NOVEL are an astonishing Scottish five-piece whose gorgeous songs are complemented by violins, xylophones and undulating percussion. Bohemian harbingers of breezy folk melodies and brilliant pop theatrics, My Latest Novel are rapidly winning fans on both sides of the border with their effervescent, magical music."

Here comes my favorite...
Item 3:
Already drawing comparisons to The Arcade Fire, the Scottish quintet weds sweeping orchestral pop to the misty folk of the British Isles in utterly captivating, stage-ready compositions that beg to be introduced on big stages, with elaborate sets of ships and angry oceans, bleak orphanages and rundown country manors, and intimate, modern apartments."

Nauseating. So. Fucking. Nauseating.
Still, I can't help but understand where the authors of the above quotations are coming from. I mean, I guess it can be hard not to use really big, SAT vocabulary adjectives when talking about My Latest Novel. They're just that impressive! And yes, the comparison with Arcade Fire can be well justified. The two bands really do sound similar. However, to me, My Latest Novel is a lot more than undulating, effervescent, frankly, bloody magic. When it comes down to it, this band with their little Scottish accents and crazy orchestra-induced instrumental breaks are one of those bands that makes you happy, simply because of their sheer goodness. I can't say it much better than Pretty Girls Make Graves (from "Speakers Push the Air"): "Do you remember when we couldn't put it away/Do you remember what the music meant/And nothing else matters when I turn it up loud/...I heard a record and it opened my eyes." Those lines may imply some hard-driving rock ballads that Andrea and Derek used to jam out to, but they're perfectly applicable to the soft folky music of My Latest Novel as well. It's deep, it's powerful, it's damn good music, and yea okay... I guess they're a sweepingly magical tenacious breathtakingly beautiful supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Arcade Fire.

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