Sunset Rubdown
For Shadid.

Of Montreal, Sunset Rubdown is yet another brainchild of Spencer Krug, frontman of Wolf Parade and active member of Swan Lake and Frog Eyes. Although originally a solo project, Sunset Rubdown's latest LP, Shut Up I Am Dreaming, features their new, expanded and improved line-up, which includes Camilla Wynn Ingr of Pony Up! and Jordan Robson-Cramer of XY Lover. The foursome (also including Mike Doerkson) will be touring a bit in April (tour dates are below); if you be in Denver, Seattle, Hollywood, or here in Austin, check them out.

Compared to Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown is much more lo-fi; Spencer started the project with merely his keyboard and laptop. However, his Mad Hatter, yodelling voice that you have come to know and love is still prevalent and as Mad Hatter/yodel-like as ever. Guitars are heavily distorted, reverberated, and very trebly. Reminds me of trashcans, but in the best way possible. Keyboards are extremely versatile, sometimes heading down the trashy path of the guitar, other times mellowing out into sweetness. Drums are heavy on the cymbal, further adding to the lo-fi, trash feel. Raw, sharp, and hazy, Sunset Rubdown is The Rocky Horror Picture Show revisited.

A Few Shows
Apr. 16 Hi-Dive Denver, CO
Apr. 19
Neumo's Seattle, WA with Xiu Xiu (!)
Apr. 24 Troubador Hollywood, CA with Xiu Xiu
Apr. 27 Emo's Austin, TX

(From Shut Up I Am Dreaming)
mp3 Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings
mp3 Stadiums and Shrines II

(From self-titled EP)
mp3 Three Colours

"Us Ones in Between" Live in Chicago
Anonymous Kelly Sutton said...
Hey just stumbled on your site from the Bloggies page. Great site, love your taste in music.

And you have made my day for alerting me to Sunset Rubdown touring, mostly because they are one of the best bands in existence... in my humble (and very correct) opinion.

Keep up the good work.