Xiu Xiu + Contest Winner
(I love this picture.)

Xiu Xiu! Pronunciation guide: shoo-shoo! Although only two members are pictured above (Jamie Stewart and Caralee McElroy), Xiu Xiu is a weathered band of three from my birthplace, San Jose, California. Weathered? Yes; this band has suffered its share of heartbreak and loss. Xiu Xiu was once Jamie Stewart, Lauren Andrews, Yvonne Chen, and Cory McColloch, aided by record producer and father, Michael Stewart. Andrews left to focus on school, Chen left to focus on her restaurant, McColloch left touring, and Jamie's father left by way of suicide. And if that's not heavy enough, in March of 2003, while performing in Montana, all of their instruments were stolen. Guitars, drum machines, keyboards, gongs, even the fucking harmonica -- all gone. Despite these little hells this band has had to go through, Xiu Xiu has managed to rise up from the ashes with new albums, new collaborations, and new members.

Their latest LP, The Air Force, scares the shit out of me. Frightening, trippy music. Produced by Greg Saunier from Deerhoof, the sound is minimal and a soundtrack to a nightmare. Ambient, reverberated, and haunting, the tracks are as sharp as a blade. Still, Xiu Xiu still manages to remain thoroughly enjoyable. Scary movies, hanging out at cemetaries, visits to haunted houses, and Xiu Xiu. Creepy, but fun.

Two Shows:
Apr. 19 Neumo's Seattle, WA
Apr. 24
Troubador Hollywood, CA with Sunset Rubdown

mp3 Save Me, Save Me (their most accessible song)
mp3 Vulture Piano
mp3 Bishop, CA

Xiu Xiu's Official site

Xiu Xiu's Myspace


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