Dosh is Martin Luther King Chavez Dosh, named after Martin Luther King, Jr., who was named after Martin Luther King, who was named after Martin Luther. Going by "Dosh" now seems perfectly understandable. Dosh is a one-man-master-band. Handling the keyboards, the xylophone, the drums, and a quaint little Fender Rhodes, most of what you hear is coming straight from him. His heavy use of samplers and looping machines create the electronica/ambient sound that he's known for, but he's not always alone on the stage or in the studio. His 2006 release, The Lost Take, had cameos from Andrew Bird as a violinist/whistler, along with Mike Lewis of Happy Apple, the crazy jazz trio also from Minneapolis.
Dosh's songs are void of any vocals, but I'm sure they would ruin his feel anyway. Rhythmic and complex, Dosh has depth up the wazoo.

Dosh will be touring with Andrew Bird this spring, not as an opening act, but as a fellow bandmate. According to his official site, "Mr. Dosh will be backing up Mr. Bird, on drums, keys and samplers..." A couple of the shows are already sold out, so get tickets while you can. Visit the site for more details.

mp3 Um, Circles and Squares
mp3 MPLS Rock and Roll

[Dosh's Myspace][Dosh's official site]


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dosh is super rad. Incredibly talented and really really nice. While he compliments Andrew Bird in such a perfect way his own live shows (recently with Mike Lewis) really get even people who have never heard him before into the music. I wish more people would pick up on him!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The above comment is very awkward. I apologize and hope that my praise for Dosh came through.

Anonymous johngross said...
Thank you VERY much for this rad Dosh....
i saw him once in a burger king and made REALLY awkward conversation. so so awkward.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Caught this video today of him talking about his craft at SxSW...