(Aw, they're yawning...)

Do not be deceived by this duo's rough exterior. Inside these black-clad, butch-cut, makeupless persons are buh-yoo-tee-ful voices, willing and able to sing in French and/or English, whichever may suit your fancy. Yes, yes, one of the girls looks like a boy. But her voice is the prettiest. She sounds so pleasantly feminine, you'll completely forget your earlier thoughts that Mansfield.TYA might be a husband/wife deal.
Like I said earlier, Mansfield.TYA sings in both French and English. However, their English is quite flawed. Case in point:"I love you goodbye/Sayin it for me on a cloudy day/It will be less stress less hard.../I really don't want to dig my pain/I just need a sleep." But I mean, we know what she meant... Personally, I like it a lot better when they sing in French, and not just because of the grammar. They just sound a lot prettier in their native tongue.
Apart from their voices, the standout element of Mansfield.TYA is the violin. Listen to "Pour Oublier Je Dors" -- the violin will floor you. Keeping a classical feel to their otherwise acoustic sound, Mansfield.TYA definitely showcases their violin skills in as many songs possible.
They toured a bit in 2006, but apparently have no shows lined up for 2007. I'll keep you guys posted though... I really, really want to see them live myself.

mp3 Pour Oublier Je Dors (if you only download one song, make sure it's this one)
mp3 Living On a Boat
mp3 Et demain déjà

(This video may seem pointless. It's the same scene... the whole time... However, the song, "Mon amoureuse," is very good. Enjoy the pretty yellow prairie and the pretty yellow song.)
Blogger Amy said...
Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous music. Thank you so much for posting it!

Blogger Rod said...
Pour Oublier Je Dors is the most gobsmacking song I've heard in so long. Thanks xx