Me, no. Me, na. I, negative. Myself, not really. I have no clue where their name was derived from. Menomena. What the hell.

I get the same feeling when listening to their music. What the hell, where is this sound coming from? Turns out it's all thanks to their Digital Looping Recorder, or Deeler, for short. Programmed by the guitarist/keyboardist/glockenspiel-ist, the Deeler basically takes recorded sound from their various instruments, and loops it back for manipulation and embellishment. Whoa. Needless to say, the sound is very experimental. Most of their tracks have a great beat to it (in the Deeler process, they normally record the drums first, then build around that). "Nebali" is a great example. Real chill and jazz-like. A heavier beat can be found in the likes of "The Ladder" and "Cough Coughing."

Their newest album just dropped, entitled Friend and Foe. It's received its share of blows, but I assure you, it's good music. The sound has rounded out a little, including more whistling and bari sax and such. Nothing crazy like Andrew Bird, but they definitely showcase their whistling abilities (check out "Boyscout'n"-- I really like the lyrics for that song as well... but yea it's not here).

mp3 Nebali
mp3 The Ladder

Upcoming Shows

Mar. 9
Cafe DuNourd San Francisco, CA
Mar. 10
The Echo Los Angeles, CA
Mar. 11
The Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ

Menomena's Official site
(Just warning you, their site is crazy annoying... Go visit, you'll understand.)
Menomena's Myspace


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So much have been said about this band that finally, and thanks to your post, I decided to check them out, but can't download the tracks that you posted 'cause bandwith limit exceeded =(