The Panda Band

Upon hearing the name "The Panda Band," I immediately thought of a juvenile female Japanese trio yelping out verses in fragmented English while playing G, A, and D... only. Turns out The Panda Band is nothing like that. For one, they're not Japanese, they're Australian, which can be argued to be as far from Japanese as possible. Secondly, the band's composed of five, fully mature men who appropriately create fully mature music. Their sound's different. Not really experimental or avant-garde, but their music just contains a ton of crazy levels. Builds are conducted in unexpected places, time changes are made out of nowhere (listen to "Mohawk"), and sometimes the feel of the song can be different depending on whether you're at the beginning or the end. Needless to say, The Panda Band is a fun, exciting listen and oh so worthy of your ear time.

Upcoming Shows

Feb. 9 Nsoniax Bar Albany, W. AUS
Feb. 10
Albies Bar Busselton, W. AUS
Feb. 17
Freemasons Hotel Geraldton, W. AUS
Feb. 23
Forrest Chase Perth, W. AUS
Mar. 14- 18
SWSW Austin, TX
Mar. 30
HQ Complex Adelaide, S. AUS w/ Gomez
Apr. 3 The Palace Melbourne, Victoria w/ Gomez
Apr. 4 ANU Bar Canberra, ACT w/ Gomez
Apr. 11 The Tivoli Brisbane, Queensland w/ Gomez
Apr. 13 Newcastle Panthers New Castle, New South Wales w/ Gomez

mp3 Eyelashes
mp3 Mohawk
mp3 Spanish Bride

The Panda Band's Official site
The Panda Band's Myspace


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The middle guy sorta reminds me of John Cleese...