Eleni Mandell

According to The New Yorker, Eleni Mandell is "perhaps the best unsigned artist in the business." Whuh-hoa. I wouldn't go that far, but she is undoubtedly a beautiful singer-songwriter. Each one of the dozen songs off her newest album, Miracle of Five, is poetically written and sung. Eleni's a crooner -- I'm a firm believer that she could cover most of Sinatra's songs convincingly if the opportunity presented itself (hint, hint to anyone this could possibly be a proactive hint to). With that said, her music is soft and slow, with a definite jazzy feel. With her person on acoustic guitar, a handful of other musicians are present both in the studio and onstage to complement her "smooth like honey" voice (pardon my Fiona). This includes a soft snare, delicate keys, and oftentimes an easy sax. Her voice, her guitar, and her musicians combine in an effortlessly charming sound that help anyone and everyone unwind at the end of the day.

Upcoming Shows (none in the States -- so sorry to my fellow Americans)

Mar. 7 Rote Sonne Munich
Mar. 8 WUK Vienna
Mar. 9 Kino Ebensee
Mar. 10 Rätschenmühle Geislingen

Mar. 11 Tap Tab Schaffhausen
Mar. 12 Palace St. Gallen
Mar. 13 Ziegel au Lac Zürich
Mar. 14 Belu Lézard Lausanne
Mar. 15 ISC Club Bern
Mar. 16 Jegelscheune Wendelstein
Mar. 17 Schlachthof Wels
Mar. 18 Brotfabrik Frankfurt
Mar. 20 Forum Bielefeld
Mar. 21 Quasimodo Berlin
Mar. 22 Star-Club Dresden
Mar. 23 Objekt 5 Halle
Mar. 25 Knust Hamburg
Mar. 26 Voxhall Aarhus
Mar. 27 Barns Stockholm
Mar. 28 Pumpenwerk Munster
Mar. 29 Kulturfabrik Krefeld
Mar. 30 Ekko Utrecht
Mar. 31 Roepaen Ottersum
Apr. 1 Botanique Bruxelles
Apr. 2 Paradiso Amsterdam
Apr. 3 The Troubador in London London

m4a Wings in His Eyes
m4a Make-Out King

[Eleni Mandell's Myspace][Eleni Mandell's official site]

Double the videos, double the fun!

Video for "Girls."

Video for "Make-Out King."


Soyea I did not know that Mentos + Coke= EXPLOSION!!! My friend, Harry (hi Harry), sent me a pretty intense video documenting many, many Mentos/Coke explosions. Yes, this is music-related -- the song in the background is pretty catchy. =) Here it is.

Soyea SXSW is so close I can taste it. Head here for an updated list of bands as of March 2 coming down to our humble little city, if you haven't already.
Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
You think that Eepybird be intense? Check the
domino effect
out. I managed to convince someone fond of putting tubes of energy powder stuff in their water that mentos in diet coke achieves the same effect; I told her it'd be explosive - did I lie?

Blogger Greg said...
Well, she's the best unsigned act I've heard today! Very nice. Thanks!