Do Make Say Think

Good instrumental bands are usually hard to come by, which is why I was so happy when I came upon Do Make Say Think. A quintet from Canada, Do Make Say Think has recently released their fifth LP, You, You're a History in Rust. The album features vocals for the first time in their band history, but not those of any of the band members. Guest vocalists Tony Dekker and Akron/Family sing a few bars in each song, but the sound is still strongly based on the instruments. A definite folk feel is also prevalent in the majority of the tracks, which keeps their otherwise heavy sound afloat.
Their songs are lengthy, complex, ambient, and noisy. Spanning anywhere from four to thirteen minutes, each track is a complicated piece of work, with melody crashing into melody, builds breaking and falling from bar to bar, and the occasional human voice soaring unintelligibly over the sound. Dark and melancholy, Do Make Say Think is pensive, beautiful music.

mp3 In Mind
mp3 Her Story of Glory


Soyea this Thursday I'm checking out TV On the Radio at La Zona Rosa. I'll be sure to post pictures and give a little concert review when I get back.
Anonymous david said...
thanks for the music....i love this band...so to get some of their new sounds b4 i get to a place where i can score the new album....priceless.