Electric President
I'll put a frame up for this later... maybe...

Alright our blog has been a little rap-heavy the past couple posts, so I thought this would be a good time to bring up an awesome electronica band I've been listening to, Electric President. By the looks of it, a lot of you, as in the general public, have been listening to them as well. I think "The O.C." played "Insomnia" before ending their show and I've seen them pop up from time to time in various different blogs. All for good reason too. Electric President, a duo from Jacksonville, Florida is a damn good band. Their complex, yet subtle songs put a lot more indie back into the electronica genre. Now that a lot more indie bands are experimenting with electronica sound, it's refreshing to see an electronica band do the exact opposite. Their self-titled album is actually much more instrumental-based, which follows the instrumental band streak I've been on.

Vocals are reminiscent of Placebo, for sure. A little high, nasal, and adolescent, it's fun to listen to and impossible to imitate. I should have a contest or something asking for mp3s of you guys imitating various singers and have some huge awesome prize. ... Would you guys even do that. Let me know. That sounds fun.

As always, mp3s are posted below. "Ten Thousand Lines" is my favorite of the three and therefore is a must download.
Happy Listening!

Blogger johnnyhooper said...
I probably would... but then again, I'm a huge dork.

Blogger Rod said...
Really love them!

My dear wife Florence would look so much better with a bag over her head.

Blogger Kaiser said...
You guys have a great sense of humor. i think you'd like Unpasteurized.net; it might give you some inspiration. trust me: its funny.