Sorry, I lied. It's been two days since I said, "I will post on Yacht tomorrow." Please forgive me.

Anyway, YACHT's been a really recent interest of mine. I still don't completely understand what YACHT is. I know it's the one-man band of Jona Bechtolt and I know he remixes and collaborates with a shitload of artists. A few examples include Architecture in Helsinki, Panther, Bobby Birdman, and, most recently, The Blow. But whether he's a straight remixer like Girl Talk or a wizard-like producer like Timbaland, it's hard to say. Feel free to enlighten me on the biography of the wonder that is YACHT.

I can say the music is interesting as fuck, though. Very compelling. Obviously a technological mastermind, Jona slices, dices and layers random noises and sounds to create compositions of consideration, if not merit. With the myriad of noises he has going on in his songs, it is a wonder that the tracks end up being so balanced. Acoustic sound is always complemented with electric bleeps and bloops. Vocal verses are offset by long instrumental breaks. Twisting harmonies and melodies are curbed by a wholly rhythmic segment. The resulting sound is fresh, highly complex, and exciting to listen to.

YACHT is currently touring with Tussle and Architecture in Helsinki (separately). Catch him if you can.

Upcoming Shows

May 11 Mission Creek Music Festival San Francisco, CA
May 12
Anticon Art Show Los Angeles, CA
May 15 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT
May 16 Hi Dive Denver, CO
May 17
Jackpot Saloon Lawrence, KS
May 18 Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center St. Louis, MO
May 19 Rubber Gloves Denton, TX
May 21 The Proletariat Dallas, TX
May 22
Emo's Austin, TX w/ Tussle
May 24 Modified Arts Phoenix, AZ w/ Tussle
May 25 Che Cafe San Diego, CA w/ Tussle
May 27 The Echo Silver Lake, CA w/ Tussle
May 28 Delta of Venus Davis, CA w/ Tussle
Jun 2 Holocene Portland, OR w/ Tussle
Jun 13 Neumo's Seattle, WA w/ Architecture in Helsinki
Jun 14 Richards on Richards Vancouver, Alberta w/ Architecture in Helsinki
Jun 15 Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR w/ Architecture in Helsinki
Jun 16 Bimbo's 365 Club San Francisco, CA w/ Architecture in Helsinki
Jun 18 Glasshouse Pomona, CA w/ Architecture in Helsinki
Jun 19 Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA w/ Architecture in Helsinki
Jul 2 O-Nest Tokyo, Japan
Jul 3 Club24 Yokohama, Japan
Jul 4 KD Japon Nagoya, Japan
Jul 5 Triton Cafe Kobe, Japan
Jul 6 TBA Okoyama, Japan
Jul 7 Urbanguild Kyoto, Japan
Jul 8 Socila Kanazawa, Japan

mp3 See a Penny (Pick it Up)
mp3 Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion

Blogger J.D. said...
Cool blog, congrats on the 'Blog of Note!' Interesting stuff, love the name. I'll be checking back often!

Who's yacht will this be?

Blogger Rain said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Excellent site and great music - thanks for all your work


Anonymous Milen said...
I forgive you.
i liked it.

Blogger benjamin said...
isn't "sometimes i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion" a cover of playradioplay!?

Blogger benjamin said...
nevermind. see how well i read?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
as for your date listings, vancouver is in british columbia, not alberta

Anonymous MD said...
Superb Blog of many notes!!

Though still find it difficult to read comments due to color