[Greetings From Both Sides...]
Heyo guys - if you haven't noticed, the two of us here at Both Sides have been rather dead for a while. Various things have been keeping us from our regular posting. Our main gag, I'm sure you've noticed, is the bandwidth problem, so we're taking some time off to figure out how we can choke some money out of you guys raise some money (tshirts?) and get ourselves a good, reliable host (any suggestions on hosts would be great). Now we love ya guys, but our two weeks off isn't just gonna be spent worrying about blogger duties. I, for one, am off for the South, and I'm sure Alina has entertaining plans of her own. In the meantime, occupy yourself with any of our glorious linkage, and we will be back in full blogger glory on June 10th. We promise to have lots of things to share when we get back...
Anonymous krist said...
hey you should try box.net I don't use it but I know a lot of people who do and are pretty happy with it.


Anonymous Tanner said...
come back.
i miss you.