Bon Iver
"Now all your love is wasted? Then who the hell was I?"

A man retreats into the woods of Winconsin, attempting to escape his heartache and troubles. Three months later, he emerges, having completed a nine-song album, For Emma, Forever Ago, a medium through which he communicates his pain and feeling. This is the two sentence bio of Bon Iver (pronounced bohn eevair, French for "good winter"), the musical mouthpiece of Justin Vernon. As can be inferred from its background, For Emma is intensely heartfelt, ripping at the seams with emotion. Although no other instruments were used other than an old acoustic guitar and bass drum, the album's complexity is astounding. Vernon's voice is poignant and layered, echoing throughout his songs almost as a nostalgic afterthought. One of the greatest things to happen in 2007, Bon Iver is beautiful, poignant, and heartbreakingly poetic.

Ugh, I sound so fucking flowery.

m4a Skinny Love (favorite)
m4a Creature Fear