[BSOTM Contest: The Hottest State]
If you're an avid reader of Both Sides, you know we like to spread a bit of lovin' every now and again. Being barely able to fathom the depth of this wide, wide internet, we can't just head over to your place and give you a hug, but we can, however, give you stuff. That's right guys, it's time for another contest here on Both Sides. Carrying quite a bit of affinity to my fair state, Ethan Hawke's novel-to-film movie, The Hottest State, will be hosting it's premiere here at Austin's own Paramount Theater on September 19, courtesy of THINKFilm and the Austin Film Festival. Though we can't get you into that, we can give you the film's accompanying soundtrack. The soundtrack features sixteen tracks written by Jesse Harris all recorded by an artist list boasting, among others, the likes of Willy Nelson, Cat Power, Norah Jones, Feist, and The Black Keys. In the words of Ron Popeil, that's not all! Not only do you get a Jesse Harris signed copy of the soundtrack, you'll also get an Ethan Hawke autographed copy of the book the film is based on. Geez we're awfully nice to you sometimes. To enter just send us an email with your mailing address and the title "BSOTM Contest". Easy as pie? Easy schmeasy? Yes and yes - good luck guys!

Contest Over - Congratulations Carissa!

Still interested in going to that film premiere? The Austinist has your scoop on getting into the premiere and is even raffling off two passes to the premiere!


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