[Dappled Cities]
"I can't know what I should say to soothe your headaches and make your day reasonable."

Dappled Cities - some of Sydney's favorite sons if not all of Australia's. Whether they be Dappled Cities Fly or just simply Dappled Cities (I'm still not sure), this quirky quintet made their debut on US shores with their second full-length Granddance back in early June. Judging by their post frequency 'round then, not only am I late on my introduction but it also seems the boys made quite a splash. And why not? Although I do adore applying alliteration again and again, when I said "quirky quintet," I really did mean it. Dappled Cities come at ya with a refreshing take on pop. I wouldn't be so bold as to say they're unique, but they certainly trample the less traveled path. Vocals are probably the first thing you'll note when it comes to this group. Remember as a kid when a storybook was read to you and sometimes that one person reading did the voices of like 6 characters? It's kind of like that but not as schizophrenic. Whatever it is, the vocals are good enough to place this group in high esteem, and then once you get past that wonder, you start to notice the further intricacies and eccentricities of the entire Dappled Cities package. These kids are just good fun, and that really shouldn't be surprising knowing where they're from. Australia's second largest export is, after all, condensed euphoria, and Dappled Cities is just another way that product is delivered.

Video For Vision Bell

From Granddance (all songs are right click - save as):
Vision Bell
Holy Chord

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Anonymous Stephen said...
Those Australians really know how to do it...

Anonymous angela said...
I think when they came upon these shores, they started going under just "Dappled Cities"