John Butler Trio

"Now all your love is wasted? Then who the hell was I?"

Australia has always been a place of mystery to me. The gargantuan island/country seems almost fictional at times. Warm Christmases on the beach, a kangaroo population of 58.6 million, an accent reminiscent of the Brits yet at the same time wholly unique, and tribal roots that rival those of the Native Americans in antiquity. These indigenous roots are the backbone and inspiration of John Butler Trio. Around since '95, John Butler Trio is (obviously) headed by the dreadlocked, super chill, dashingly handsome guitar hero John Butler. Still maintaining bluegrass voice and lyrics, Butler brings a sense of funk to the folk genre. With definite rhythmic grooves underlying an often spunky guitar, this music is feel-good therapy. John's guitar solos are on another level though. His instrumental compositions are breathtaking (watch the posted video to get what I'm saying). My favorite song, though, is "What You Want," a rock gem that actually has no hint of folk in it at all. An anthem in its own right, I have no reservations in saying that it is one of my favorite songs of all time.

John Butler Trio is on tour now and their fourth album, Grand National, is on sale now. Check out the songs, and please, please watch the video. It'll blow your mind.

Live performance of "Ocean"
Anonymous Andrew said...
I really like the JBT, and almost saw them when they came up to Vermont a couple years ago, but seeing that tickets were only $3, they sold out quickly. Maybe this fall...

What You Want is one of the most depressing songs that I have though...

Blogger Bob The Sane said...
Yes! My favourite blog posts on my favourite band!
Funky tonight, Zebra, treat yo mama, Peaches and Cream all other great songs.:)


Blogger tim said...
Thankyou for raising the profile of John Butler in the US. I've seen him here in Australia maybe half a dozen times, and he just gets better and better. You can go right back to his first album and EP and see that sort of amazing guitar work. He also has a talent for surrounding himself with very talented bandmates of bass (upright and electric) and percussion.

Also worth a look are his labelmates The Waifs - they found him busking in Western Australia, and together formed Jarrah Records, an indie label with a big big conscience.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Im obsessed with what you what! im getting me married in Feb and i really want the music to what you want played at my big day. If anyone can direct me where to get the music only with out words please email me kylie_chapman@hotmail.com
i would appreciate it sooooo much!