[Gogol Bordello: Soon To A City Near You?]
"First I might have read the Bible, it had struck me as unwitty. I think it may have started rumor that the Lord ain't got no humor"

As evidenced by a saved draft that's gathered a hefty sum of dust, I've been meaning to tell you about this for quite a while, and so while I lulled about my own business and let the blog stay, let's say, quiet, I'm afraid just about half of this "news" has already gone out the window. It seems the gypsy gods have heard our pleas, for they have spoken with a fierce generosity. The vagabond crew known as Gogol Bordello [post] have packed up their wagons for travel across the US with numerous dates. If this group sets up camp anywhere near you, I highly suggest you make way to their campfire for what would be, undoubtedly, one very entertaining show. Characterizing what would have been the "party" portion of the Communist Party, Gogol Bordello is a group of immigrant transplants that employs crazy antics and wildly paced rhythms in their music. They are, quite simply, modern gypsies. I noted before how I can't even imagine this group's stage presence, but tonight, no imagination is needed. That's right any fellow Austinites out there, Gogol Bordello is here and near and will be playing at Emo's tonight. If you inhabit shores across the Atlantic, Gogol Bordello will be touring the homeland immediately after capping off their US dates.

Gogol Bordello Tour Dates - US Dates
Oct. 22 Austin, Texas
Oct. 24 Tempe, Arizona
Oct. 25 Los Angeles, California
Oct. 26 Tuscon, Arizona
Oct. 27 Las Vegas, Nevada
Oct. 29 Boulder, Colorado
Oct. 30 Boulder, Colorado
Oct. 31 Lawrence, Kansas
Nov. 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nov. 3 New York, New York

From Super Taranta! (all songs are right click - save as):
Supertheory of Supereverything

From Gypsy Punks:
Start Wearing Purple
Bordello Kind of Guy

Learn more about the group's European tour at the Gogol Bordello site.
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Can't can't can't wait for him to get here. It's gonna be a wait, but I'm counting down the days.......

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If you are into Gogol Bordello, check out www.phoenixmedia.co.uk where there is an exclusive video of the band performing at London's Electric Ballroom, and interviews with the band....