Tokyo Police Club
Tokyo Police Club is made up of four Canadian civilians, Dave, Josh, Graham, and Greg. Formed in 2005, they released their debut EP, A Lesson in Crime, in 2006 on Paper Bag Records. July of 2007, they signed to Saddle Creek (Bright Eyes, Cursive, Azure Ray) for their soon-to-come LP. Borrowing from the mouth of Graham, himself, "...quick, quick, quick, one two three..."

Their speedy advance in the music world reflects the speed of their music. Rushing, yet not rushed, Tokyo Police Club is characterized by a driving bass line, heavily reverberated guitar licks (think Snowden), and spunky drumming. To be perfectly honest, A Lesson in Crime can be played all at once as one song. Only 16 minutes long, the tracks bleed into one another, often sharing rhythms and basslines. Don't get me wrong, though. It's a damn good 16 minute song.

Tokyo Police Club has definitely changed things up in their newest work, though. Their latest single, "Your English is Good" is as innovative as A Lesson in Crime, but pleasantly separated and ear-catching. Levels of pace and layering appear, making Tokyo Police Club seem like much more than a Canadian rock band on speed. Much more like a stoned Canadian rock band after a line of coke. (:

mp3 Shoulders & Arms
mp3 Your English is Good
mp3 Nature of the Experiment
mp3 Be Good

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