Foals vs. Battles
Band Name: Foals
Members: Yannis Philippakis (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Smith (guitar), Edwin Congreave (keyboards), Walter Gervers (bass), Jack Bevan (drums)
From: Oxford
Associated with: The Edmund Fitzgerald, Face Meets Grill, Youthmovies
Their math rock is: dance-y, techno-y, glamorous, spacey
They are cool because: NME magazine put Yannis at #47 on their 2007 Cool List.
News: Full length album, Antidotes, drops March, produced by Dave Sitek of TV On the Radio, then remixed after Dave's sound unanimously rejected
Video for "Balloons"

Band Name: Battles
Members: Tyondai Braxton (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Ian Williams (guitar, keyboards), Dave Konopka (bass, guitar, effects), John Stanier (drums)
From: New York City
Associated with: Helmet, Don Caballero, Lynx, Anthony Braxton
Their math rock is: funky, futuristic, sometimes frightening
They are cool because: NME magazine voted Atlas "Best Single of the Week" one week.
News: Playing Big Day Out, annual music festival held in Australia and New Zealand, going on as I type.
mp3 Atlas
mp3 Ddiamondd
mp3 Dance
mp3 Rainbow

Video for "Atlas"
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm not sure Battles are in the same league as Foals. I thought their record was overated to say the least, but i'm not really sure about Foals either. I like them, love them infact, but i'm not sure they deserve the hype. The record should be ace, though.


I can't download the Foals mp3s...? :(

Blogger David said...
Please let us listen to the foals songs. I haven't even heard two of them...

Blogger Alina said...
K, I fixed it. I don't know why that happened.