[Jenny Owen Youngs]
"Skillet on the stove - it's such a temptation. Maybe I'll be the lucky one that doesn't get burned."

I don't know why it's taken me this long to talk about Jenny Owen Youngs. I mean, Good Lord, Perez Hilton beat me to it. Now were this a post about some celebrity hit-and-running her car while having a domestic fight during a head-shaving with spawn sitting dangerously on her lap, then it'd be understandable. This, however, is not that kind of post, because, thankfully, I don't cover that kind of stuff. I do, however, cover people like Jenny Owen Youngs, and this gal is a smoky-voiced songwriter headed out of Montclair, New Jersey. This girl is certainly no stranger to the curse word, but let that be no measure of her music. Offering no apologies for her use of no-no words, Youngs instead offers the rationalization that some things just can't get by seeming genuine without throwing out one or two...or twelve curse words. There's a fitting juxtaposition to her tracks. Yes there are the lyrics lying cushy in a bed of rather sweet-sounding tracks, but her album Batten The Hatches brings forward a myriad of hard subjects illustrated by songs that seem happy, warm and inviting. You kinda have to expect some happiness in what she does though. What else can you expect from a gal whose initials are JOY?

From Batten The Hatches (all songs are right click - save as):
Fuck Was I
Drinking Song

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Anonymous Danielle said...
That first song is always the one put out, so thanks a lot for "Drinking Song" and congratulations on your bloggie nomination!

Anonymous mitchy-smitchy said...
Yeahhhh, Perez is a fruitcake.