[Parker Street Cinema]
Thump, bam, bam, cymbal crash - what can I say this time? It's instrumental music...

Hailing from San Francisco, Parker Street Cinema is a trio befitting their name. With their instrumental demeanor, Parker Street Cinema is certainly capable of scoring a movie. It's just three guys with, as you would have it, three instruments - a piano, drums and a bass guitar. Their most recent release, "Music In The Blood," may very well describe both the trio and the music they create. There's a defined intensity in their tracks that at times makes the track just downright creepy, haunting. And it's with this blood-curdling music that proves music is in their blood and ready to infect ours too. At the end of it all, Parker Street Cinema is instrumental music with a considerable urban vibe, yet one of a metropolis filled with nostalgia so you're just as overwhelmed by your memories as you are by your senses.

From Parker Street Cinema (all songs are right click - save as):
Midnight Shakes The Memory
The Hymn of El Cerrito

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