Top 5 Albums of 2007: Alina's Side

Yes, we are into the second week of January, and yes, we are now finally releasing what we respectively thought were the best albums of 2007. A comes before B, so here are ALINA'S TOP 5 ALBUMS OF 2007!!!

5. White Stripes- Icky Thump

The best album completed in three weeks time. Icky Thump collides White Stripes with Mexico and the result is fantastic. Trumpet, guitar, and bass drum have never sounded better.

mp3 Icky Thump

4. The National- Boxer

The most solemn voice you've ever heard. This is indie so masculine it can't help but be taken seriously -- Boxer is anti-twee, if you will.

mp3 Squalor Victoria
mp3 Green Gloves

3. Radiohead- In Rainbows

One of the best bands of all time finally releases their latest. No matter how you got the songs, In Rainbows was undoubtedly on repeat for weeks. Sad, delicate songs that broke your heart and made you cry.

mp3 Videotape
mp3 Bodysnatchers

2. Lil' Wayne- Da Drought 3

The best rapper alive who never stops giving. Not one, but two discs of hits... for F-R-E-E. Described as a gift to his fans, this mixtape is some of the best rap of Weezy's career.

m4a Sky's the Limit
m4a Get High, Rule the World

1. Arcade Fire- Neon Bible

The most expertly crafted and executed album of the year. Neon Bible has proven that Arcade Fire will never get old and cannot ever be overrated.

mp3 Keep the Car Running
mp3 No Cars Go


Blogger Jack Cardinal said...
Never would have thought that I would actually own four of these albums...

Blogger May said...
Icky Thump was my top album of the year too. And I am not a big White Stripes fan, so that was a pleasant surprise.