The Acorn

Tokyo Police Club led me to The Acorn. A friend of mine (HI DEREK!) showed me a Paper Bag Records compilation so I could hear a shitty remix of "Cheer It On," and after being thoroughly disgusted by the song, I proceeded to listen to the others. The Acorn's "The Flood Pt. 1" was track 4 and it immediately caught my interest. Peculiar sounding with indigenous beats and calls, the song was a mess of instruments and overlapping riffs. All the noise worked though. A steady melody could still be felt and a rhythmic skeleton supported the multitude of components of song. The Acorn knows how to be interesting and fun without sacrificing quality. My acorn is missing. Did you eat the acorn? You owe me a new acorn. Name that movie! The Acorn will be heading down to Austin (along with... me) for South By.

m4a The Flood Pt. 1
mp3 Blue Light
mp3 Oh Napoleon


Anonymous Anonymous said...
hehe. the compilation's not all bad huh? cool post, alina. you're so cool. :)