[Small Sins]
"You don't need another vice. Let's sleep alone and meet some other night."

As evidenced by the hard indentation of numbers in the frame, I've kind of had this post in queue ever since my Number Mix way back in November. With that in mind, I thought it'd be okay to break all this SXSW postage and finally, finally talk about the Small Sins. Based out of Toronto, Small Sins is a quintet that's anything but small in character and gives me even more reasons to love Canada. I first caught these guys at Fun Fun Fun Fest and praised them for picking up and dusting off my day so that I could go and play again. Headed up by Thomas D'Arcy, the band's latest album, apparently, carries a gun reference in nearly every track. D'Arcy's no enthusiast of the shiny, metal things that go "Bang! Ratatat! Bang!", but his propensity to allude to them is still pretty understandable - a loaded gun does carry a sense of antici...pation that just drowns you in anxiety. It's this edge-walking that characterizes many of their songs. Teetering and tottering on a crooked, shaky line of glittery electronics and pop goodness, you're bound to fall for these guys.

From Small Sins' Mood Swings (all songs are right click - save as):
It Keeps Me On My Toes
What Your Baby's Been Doin'

Check out more at the Small Sins site.
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Anonymous MITCH said...
aw poop, i already have these two songs, i was hoping for some new songage.