"Just how much distance means we're on our own? And can we be happy, happy alone?"

For any FX aficionados, this may sound familiar. Earlimart's been gracing the teasers for "The Riches" on FX for the past few weeks, and until I connected the two, I was in that position where you're kinda pissed for not knowing what you know, my brain sarcastically proclaiming, "Gee, I really can't recall." Things cleared when they shuffled into play the other day, and that epiphanic minute, that moment of "Aha!" was enough to garner this post. And oh what coincidence, what divine providence that they be set to participate in SXSW too. Now that I've babbled, I'm gonna go ahead and admit that I just really have no idea what to say about Earlimart. There are the familiarities of their rock niche, but for all the comparisons that can be made, this Californian duo has a unique holding in what they do. With that ambiguity, I'll just go ahead and offer Earlimart...

From Earlimart's Mentor Tormentor (all songs are right click - save as):
Happy Alone
Nevermind the Phonecalls

Learn more about Earlimart at their site.
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Otherwheres - Officially one week until SXSW music - Earlimart will be partaking in a day party on the 16th at either Antone's or Lucky Lounge...

Otherwheres - I will be gone for the weekend and probably will not post until my SXSW wrap-up, so have a good weekend guys and gals...

Otherwheres - Blogger buddies Cubik Musik, Covert Curiosity and a few other guys are throwing a party next week...