The Fashion
"You're so out of control. Be more in control."
Hah. Deep.

The Fashion is a band from Denmark with a frontman who has an uncanny resemblance to the guy in the "Whudafxup" anti-tobacco TV ads. They're pretty humongous in their home country and are beginning their journey to humongousness here in America (I know this because I saw them on TRL this afternoon). Damien said that The Fashion's "Solo Impala" has "a great hook" which really is true. Actually, all their songs have "great hooks." I give the credit to the drummer and bassist. Take "Dead Boys," for example. The song begins uneventfully enough, but once the beat comes in, you know the song's going to be the shit.

If I had to sum up The Fashion in only one word, that word would be "funk." If I was allowed another word, it would be "groove." Take it or leave it, but The Fashion has had me dancing ever since I heard 'em.

Video for "Solo Impala"

Blogger Christopher said...
The fashion played a good set at the levi's fader fort but nothing beats bumping their tunes in the car.