[Frightened Rabbit]
"I'll be less rude to you, and we might just get along too."

Can someone please send me a horrible band from Britain? (NOTE: Please don't send me anything bad) I've fallen quite deep into a hole that has me assuming anything my mailbox from the UK isn't gonna suck. What is it? Does the North Atlantic Current stream more than temperate weather? Is it sending out a sense for good beats and rhythm from some mysterious eddy in the heart of the Atlantic too? Whatever it is that afflicts those people, Frightened Rabbit is a quartet with that crazy endemic. Employing things I love to hear - obscure instruments, giddy little keys, handclapping - the Glaswegian group creatively crafts poppy little ditties that are hardly what they appear to be on the surface. Despite the enunciation of "wee" in "Glaswegian," these anthems seem to dig down rather than build up. Poppy heartache with a hint of folk cushioned by well-thought lyrics and finely crafted beats. Frightened Rabbis is one band to look for next week. Next week! SXSW! I swear, it just creeps up on ya every time...

Various Songs from Frightened Rabbit (all songs are right click - save as):
Be Less Rude

Check out more info at the Frightened Rabbit site.
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here's a brand new interview with the band.