[SXSW - One Helluva Recap: Day Three]
SXSW One Helluva Recap: Day Three

March is definitely one month I always look forward to, and I contribute that entirely to SXSWeek - Austin's favorite time to show some love to film, music and technology. Buried into that schedule are four days dedicated to music, and it is in those four days that I really live. I apologize ahead for somewhat quickened recaps, but there's just too much to really get into individual sets of all those days. So let's get to it - day three!

Comparatively to other days, Friday was a long short day...or maybe a short long day. First up on the slate was Anathallo at, once again, Emo's Annex. I arrived to the sounds of Fanfarlo, a set I regret on missing. If their performance can be based on his last song though, Fanfarlo put up a fun time.

Before starting their own set, Anathallo took into a semicircle huddle. Dispersing to their posts, instruments at the ready, Anathallo began with the heedy drums of "A Great Wind, More Ash." In retrospect, Anathallo gave my Friday worth. I absolutely loved watching these guys. Taking to their drums, trumpets, tambourines, horns, Anathallo really is much more of an orchestra than just a band. Watching this band is really a pleasure, and I use the example of Dokkoise House, a bit of a treat considering they were ahead of schedule. With a fair few of them taking various places on stage, we were treated to a bit of theatrics as the kids buddes out and spread like the blossoms of the song. I'll be sure to catch these guys again in the future, and with their new album out possibly this summer, that wait may not be very long.

Hot Freaks! always proves to be a great event. No surprise to this blog, it's curators are awesome people heading up blogs that serve as some of Both Sides' inspiration. I could have stayed there all day, but as it worked out, I could only muster up the time to catch White Denim. What a tragedy? Yeah, of course not. The only thing tragic about it was the heat. As I had explained to some out-of-towners, Central Texas weather is somewhat schizophrenic. Unfortunately, at that moment, it decided to go with hot. The boys, bearing a beer, a cigarette, or both and looking disheveled as usual, got to work. Up to their usual antics, the guys were just nonstop and segued song into song, stopping only to adjust an out of place string or two. I don't know how many events they played before or if it was the heat, but the guys seemed somewhat tired. On the other hand, I was rather exhausted myself considering all the activity in the past few days.

Exhaustion in mind, I walked down the street and treated myself to a sundae at Amy's. So what could be a better mix-in to my ice cream than a set from Kimya Dawson? Sweet, childish vocals singing sweet, childish lyrics. I wished I knew those lyrics too. Quite a few people took to the task of a seemingly impossible sing-along. As much as I wanted to sing along, I got tongue-tied just listening along. Ah yes, the day was a bit rough, but it capped off just perfectly. Ice cream and a sing-along? Yes, please.


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