Laura Barrett

So I've been MIA for about a month. I apologize profusely. Going to Hopkins can really be a major time and energy sucker. TGIAS (almost summer).

Without further ado, I introduce to the unintroduced-to, Laura Barrett. She may look quirky and weird, and that's because she is. Her music is heavy on the kalimba (aka the "African thumb piano"), and complete with the occasional solo on the kazoo. What a crazy beach.

Despite the wackiness, Barrett's music is perfection. The unexpected sounds and musical components provide a freshness and perspective that has been all but absent in the newest batch of contemporary self-proclaimed acoustic artists. The lack of guitars and drums and all other instruments deemed necessary to an indie song makes Barrett's sound all the more interesting. Her minimalist approach to her craft makes for pure, light, squeaky-clean tunes that uplift. All that classical piano-training must've taught her a thing or two about music.

On her Myspace, Barret writes "
I sing whimsical ditties about amorphous terror, planned obsolescence, and mind-body dualism." Listen to more pretension on her independently released EP

mp3 Robot Ponies
mp3 Time City
m4a Deception Island Optimist Club

Anonymous derek said...
hiya alina. laura barrett is so cool. Go paper bag records! it's a good sampler, huh?
see ya in the fall :)