[Solid Gold]
"Who You Gonna Run To? Who You Gonna Run To Now?"

When it comes to this band, I only had one thing noted. Scribbled on the corner of their one-sheet where the words, "Solid Gold = Sexy Music." Honestly, I can really leave it at that. Summed up, Solid Gold is sexy music. Eased vocals seduce you into a bed of plushy keys and steady percussion. Add in a bit of atmospheric synthiness and you got yourself a slice of electric goodness that is Solid Gold. The Minneapolis-based trio spent their preliminary year recording in a remote cabin on a frozen lake - somehow...somehow that situation led to Solid Gold. It seems a bit of cabin fever has its benefits. Though they still may not have been completely immune considering these guys spent all of 'o7 South By clad in mariachi suits. If you likey what you readey, Solid Gold will have you saying, "Giggity-giggity aalll riiiight."

Various Songs From Solid Gold (all songs are right click - save as):
Get Away
Who You Gonna Run To?

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