Now, Now Every Children
"And who are these kids sleeping in my bed?"

Now, Now Every Children. Sounds like something you would read on the front of a Japanese pencil case. These three very small young people and the fourth seemingly gigantic young person hail from Minnesota, not Japan, and look like sad, angsty, emo teens. That's exactly what their music sounds like too! Just kidding. Kind of.

The first thing that came to my mind upon listening to "Not One, But Two" was "Eisley... Eisley, Eisley, Eisley..." Lead singer Cacie Dalager's voice has a striking resemblance to that of Sherri Dupree. Not only that, but Now, Now Every Children and Eisley also share a sweet sadness in their sound. Would've been perfect for a vs. post, but seeing as how Eisley is so 2005, I will now name Now, Now Every Children as the new Eisley.

Now, Now are fledglings, for sure. Their latest EP, In The City, is out now, but a full-length album is yet to be released. They're still only touring around their little Minnesota and lack their own website. But that's the beauty of small bands. They have little means and little publicity, but they're getting there. Here's to getting them to SXSW next spring!

Upcoming Shows

May 24 The Varsity Theater Minneapolis, MN w/ Snowden and Colour Revolt
Jun 8 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN w/ A Night In The Box
Jun 12 Beaners Central Duluth, MN w/ The Battle Royale

From "In The City"

mp3 Everyone You Know

From "Not One, But Two"
m4a Not One, But Two
m4a Friends With My Sister

[Now, Now Every Children's Myspace]


So yea Spurs at New Orleans tonight. GO HORNETS!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think you mean Sherri Dupree.

Blogger Alina said...
dude yes. you're right. stacey, chauntelle, and SHERRI.

Anonymous Mitch said...
I don't usually like your picks, cause I'm a Brad fan, but I love this.

Blogger squidjive23 said...
hmmm, and they are all eisley fanatics.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I dont think Cacie sounds like like Eisley's singer AT ALL. Cacie is way better.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have a question. Are Brad's eyes 2 different colors?