"Pelas janelas vejo sombras nas equinas, vejo a vida indo e vindo"

With only 6% of the world's population*, I hardly ever have a reason to stray into the Southern Hemisphere, and whenever I do cross that equatorial border, I end up in Australia. When it comes to South America, I've only learned things from three people - Samantha Brown, Anthony Bourdain, and one substitute teacher that taught us the all-important lesson of Chile being pronounced as "Chee-ley." If the Travel Channel is to be believed, Curumin, in many ways, is just truly Brazilian. Dubbing himself the Portugese term for "little boy," Luciano Nakata Albuquerque utilizes a fusion of too many things to count, pulling influences from too many sources to clarify - an aspect that can only be expected from a person that's grown up with a healthy dose of music in their life. So what's to be expected from a half-Japanese, half-Brazilian guy that learned about Brazilian music in the day and came home to the likes of the B52's and Run DMC? A heavy mix as expansive as the melting pot that is Brazil - a funky, laid-back, hip-hop anonymous Brazilian groove and a musical demeanor as chilled as the vibe of Sao Paolo (a city that forces you slow down just by saying it's name).

*a fact I've just now made up

Various Songs From Curumin (all songs are right click - save as):

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Otherwheres - The guy sings in Portugese, and the lyric above was all I could lift from the beginning lines of Guerriro. Chances are I cut that thing mid-sentence, feel free to correct me if you know Portugese! I certainly don't, when I saw this guy at South By, I first thought he was...French.

Otherwheres - Connor over at IGIF shares a little preview of the Cold War Kids' album set for release in September...

Otherwheres - Matt at Skatterbrain shares One Happy Island, very recommended if you're looking to increase the cuteness of your day...
Anonymous Martin said...
Curumin's definitely off the track for a lot of people but the guys definitely got a good beat. Thanks for the post, this guy's not that easy to find...

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
martin - Curumin's definitely not easy to find, so I'm glad to share the guy. We got an email recently about his album dropping soon, so hopefully he won't be so rare.