Death Cab's Glory Days

I remember when Death Cab for Cutie used to be good. A good-for-nothing DJ on my local rock station, 101.5, was like "I wasn't really into Death Cab for Cutie, but this song made me change my mind it's awesome blah blah blah" and then went ahead and played "No Sunlight" off their new album Narrow Stairs. Are you kidding me. He needs to be educated.

Death Cab for Cutie's been around forever. Eleven years to be exact. Like any other typical good nineties/early 2000's band (ahem Jimmy Eat World) they've been falling off recently. I'd probably say the descent began in 2005 with
Plans. Now, Narrow Stairs has sealed their fate. They're done. But this isn't a post about their mediocre thus horrible new release. This is a post celebrating what Death Cab once was. Glorious indie rock/pop that'd been around far before Seth Cohen decided to plaster his walls with their Transatlantacism poster. Here's to Death Cab for Cutie - may they step it up soon or bow out gracefully.

You Can Play These Songs With Chords
mp3 President of What?

That's Incentive
Song For Kelly Huckaby

Something About Airplanes
mp3 Bend to Squares
mp3 Your Bruise

We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes
mp3 For What Reason
mp3 405

The Photo Album
mp3 A Movie Script Ending

mp3 We Laugh Indoors

mp3 The New Year
mp3 Title and Registration

mp3 A Lack of Color

Anonymous Doug said...
Amen! Great post and some nice selections here. Thanks

Anonymous Kris said...
i concur. all those bandwagonning popshit tweenies and stupid radio stations that don't know good music piss me off like no other. it's a sad day when you have Entertainment Weekly writing a "must listen!" review for a death cab album.