[The Finches]
"Before I'm gone, I'd like for all my friends to join up with me in song, so when I go, my friends can nod their heads and say we're glad she's moved on."

Not having had the opportunity to join up in song, I'm really not in a position to say I'm glad they've moved on. Scribbled quietly on their site are the words "RIP February 2008" - say it isn't so! It's hard to be excited about something under the parameters of exclusively using past-tense, but writing this with The Finches playing the background keeps my chin up. The California-based duo of Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs and Aaron Morgan took on the boy-girl duo twosome with little more than guitars in their hands - simple acoustics playing to that folkish nature. For all the simplicities that folk embraces, it's baffling to still find yourself wallowing in a bath of complexities. Having come out of those cold waters though, it's hard not to be comforted by the warmth of their acoustics, of Riggs' refreshingly young voice weaving stories, poems. Having only been created in 2005, they left too soon, but with that departure, the Finches can only remain as something hard to not fall in love with.

Various Songs From The Finches (all songs are right click - save as):
The Road
Daniel's Song
House Under The Hill

Learn more at the Finches site.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's such a shame they're not together anymore.

I would have loved to hear more from these two.

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
I wish these kids stayed together too and released more tracks, but they're not entirely gone.

Aaron Morgan had his own long-going project at the time he took the other spot up on The Finches, and Carolyn started a new project of her own.

While I can't come up with the name Morgan's instrumental band, you can look up Riggs' current going-on over at their Myspace.